Global Industries A/S (GIAS) is a company that was founded in Denmark in the year 2000. The company specialises in the import and export of equipment and machinery, as well as providing engineering consulting services through its subsidiaries, Suzhou Global Industries Mechanical Import & Export Co. (GIMIE), Ltd. and Global Industries Mechanical Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (GIMMC).

First, GIAS opened a representative office in Suzhou, China, with the business scope of providing sourcing, quality and logistic services for Western clients through its representative office.

In 2003 GIAS established GIMMC with the business scope of providing plug-and-play manufacturing facilities for Western clients who wanted to start with limited resource commitment and risk.

In 2008 the representative office was converted to GIMIE with the business scope of providing sourcing, quality and logistic services for Western clients.
Quality engineers have worked closely with GI’s customers for years, focusing on quality assurance. In 2016, GIMIE obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification from Intertek Denmark and was audited by the Danish Lead Auditor.

The Danish Sherlock Web Document Management System supports GI’s quality assurance system, which offers bilingual functionality.

Following customer requirements, specifications, and documentation, Quality Engineers develop bilingual English/Chinese QCS (Quality Control Standards) and translate documentation into Chinese. The QCS is included in documents and requirements as part of the supplier agreement.

Each Quality Engineer in GI is trained as an internal auditor, and Quality Manager is trained as a lead auditor.

GI has established strong relationships with suppliers and customers across the world. GI is known for providing products and services to meet the needs and requirements of its clients and where quality, delivery and cost are closely connected.



We would be nothing without our employees who help our customers daily. Regardless of their position, we aim for Global Industries to be a place everyone can be proud of. We want everyone to feel valued and supported.

All our external partners have been audited and passed our strict approval process. It ensures that local rules and laws for the working environment are met and followed.


As a global exporter, we navigate a complex landscape of regulations and standards that vary according to the destination markets of our products. Our expertise extends to compliance with a diverse set of international guidelines, including but not limited to FDA, RoHS, REACH, and CE certifications. We consistently deliver products that meet or exceed local and international compliance standards through rigorous quality assurance processes and a thorough understanding of these regulations. This is part of our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability across all facets of our operations.


We all share our planet and are responsible for reducing our CO2 footprint. In the end, it is the foundation of who we are. This will require us to reduce our operational emissions.

We focus on the materials we use, how they are produced, where they come from, how they are transported, our packaging, product waste, and recycling.

Sourcing in China
China plays a significant role in manufacturing and distribution, reshaping how you source. However, despite the advantages of sourcing from China, it comes with risks. Adequate management of these risks is essential to ensure an efficient and profitable sourcing operation. In short, risk management is an indispensable component of a successful sourcing strategy in China.

Navigating the world of China sourcing can prove to be complex. Among the numerous challenges to overcome are language barriers, cultural differences, and quality challenges. Therefore, understanding these different types of risks and how to prevent them is essential.

One of the significant risks associated with China’s sourcing is quality risk. Quality standards can vary significantly from supplier to supplier, making maintaining a consistent quality level challenging.

Logistic challenges represent another type of risk. Delivery times, transport costs, and supplier coordination can hinder successful sourcing in China.

Prevention is better than cure. There are several preventative strategies to minimise risks when sourcing from China:

Research into potential suppliers is essential. A factory audit can reduce some risks associated with China sourcing. This involves examining suppliers’ backgrounds, production capabilities, reputation, and compliance with quality standards. As part of a factory audit, a site visit provides a better understanding of the supplier’s operations, which can reduce risks.

Contracts should be drafted to prevent misunderstandings. Establishing detailed agreements with suppliers is another effective preventative measure. These contracts should specify quality, delivery times, compliance, and dispute resolution expectations.

Effective communication is fundamental for maintaining a successful supplier-buyer relationship. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a clear and regular communication channel with your suppliers to avoid misunderstandings and quickly manage any issues that may arise.

You can maximise your sourcing efforts in China by recognising and understanding the associated risks. You can also implement preventative methods and apply practical solutions. In addition, well-conducted risk management avoids problems and creates opportunities, increasing your competitiveness and improving your reputation. Ultimately, sound risk management in sourcing is an investment that can yield significant long-term benefits.

Let Global Industries be your preferred supplier in China, ensuring a secure procurement process, quality control and logistics services. We got you covered with more than twenty years of experience and presence in China. With a mature supplier base of more than eighty manufacturers, we cover most of the modern manufacturing processes.

Each of our suppliers has signed a non-disclosure agreement, cooperation agreement, performed an onsite audit and continuously monitored our relationship with them.

Through our forwarder, we can follow and monitor the shipment online. Each week, we ship from Shanghai port. Together with our forwarder, we organise and arrange all documents for export depending on your preferred delivery terms.

We provide the complete package with all risks considered and delivered to your doorstep.

What our clients say
“The very high level of quality control and reliability makes Global industries a valued and trusted supplier for our production. We never experience problems with parts and services provided and this helps us to a highly trusted suppply chain.”

“Compared to other Chinese suppliers the communication is easy and results are always good and as agreed.”

“I have worked with Global Industries for several decades and in various company relationships. The setup and the Danish management make my work a lot easier.”

“I am met by a technical understanding, a project management very similar to our own as well as a general business understanding. It has on most fronts contributed to collaborating with Global Industries has been easy with the right approach.”

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide